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YQB LPG Vane Pump

  • Application
  • liquid ammonia, LPG, propane, butune transer
  • Cylinder filling
  • Vaporizer feed
  • Bulk Transfe
  • Bare pump


    With hose and gun

    • Technical Specification
    MODEL Rotaion speed Flow pressure differential Working pressure Power inlet outlet Temprange℃
    YQB2-5 600r.p.m 2m3/h 0.5Mpa 2.0 Mpa 1.5KW 1 1 ±40℃
    YQB5-5 780r.p.m 5m3/h 0.5Mpa 2.0 Mpa 3KW 1.2 1.2 ±40℃
    YQB10-5 600r.p.m 10m3/h 0.5Mpa 2.0 Mpa 4KW 2 2 ±40℃
    YQB15-5 780r.p.m 15m3/h 0.5Mpa 2.0 Mpa 5.5KW 2 2 ±40℃
    YQB25-5 600r.p.m 25m3/h 0.5Mpa 2.0 Mpa 11KW 3 3 ±40℃
    YQB35-5 780r.p.m 35m3/h 0.5Mpa 2.0 Mpa 11KW 3 3 ±40℃
    YQB60-5 780r.p.m 60m3/h 0.5Mpa 2.0 Mpa 15KW 4 4 ±40℃

    • Scope of application

    Automobile; Adhesives; Agriculture; Asphalt; Aviation Fuel; Animal Feed; Beverages; Cosmetics; Chemicals; Concrete; Dairy Products; Liquid Fertilizers; Food; General industry; hydrocarbon processing (refining); liquefied gas; lubricants; shipping; paints; petroleum; petroleum products; pharmaceuticals; printing inks; papermaking; solvents; railways; textiles;

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