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OGM Aluminum Oval Gear Meter

Electronic Oval Gear Meter

Mechanical Oval Gear Meter


  • Characteristics
  • OGM series Aluminum Oval Gear Meter can handle a wide range of viscous fluids with exceptional levels of repeatability and durability.It has mechanical display and electronic display for option. Advantage Compact size, easy maintenance. Easy to read and operate mechanical display Horizontal and vertical flexibility of installation options Low pressure drop.
    • Construction
    • Technical Specification
    Model OGM-A(E)-25 OGM-A(E)-40 OGM-A(E)-50
    Diamete 25mm (1") 40mm (1.1/2") 50mm (2")
    Flow rate 20-200L/min 25-250L/min 30-300L/min
    • FMC PD Rotary Vane Flow Meter Application
  • Application includes: blending, batching, dispensing, inventory control and custody transfer of oils, solvents, chemicals, paints, fats and fertilizers
    • Scope of application

    Automobile; Adhesives; Agriculture; Asphalt; Aviation Fuel; Animal Feed; Beverages; Cosmetics; Chemicals; Concrete; Dairy Products; Liquid Fertilizers; Food; General industry; hydrocarbon processing (refining); liquefied gas; lubricants; shipping; paints; petroleum; petroleum products; pharmaceuticals; printing inks; papermaking; solvents; railways; textiles;

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