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YB-2000 LPG Vane Pump

YB-2000 LPG Vane Pump

YB-2000 LPG Vane Pump

  • Advantage
  • Innovative cam design virtually eliminates cavitation.
  • New materials utilized in cam & blades, and heavy duty bearings extending pump life.
  • Single mechanical seal, easy seal replacement and maintenance
  • Large non-metallice pins are suitable for higher pump speed
    • Construction
    • Technical Specification
    Inlet Outlet Flow Rate Speed Motor Max Working Pressuer Differential Pressur Temperature
    50mm/2" 50mm/2" 323 L/min 800 RPM 380V 50Hz/3-phase 7.5kw 28.6 Bar 8.6 Bar -32℃~+107℃

    • Scope of application

    LYB-2000 LPG vane pump is positive displacement pump, which is specially designed to perform in such severe operating conditions as high differential pressure, pump over speeding, poor suction conditions. It has V-belt or direct-drive mounting with gear reducer for option

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