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LWB-150 LPG Turbing Pump

LWB-150 LPG Turbing Pump

LWB-150 LPG Turbing Pump

  • Application
  • Autogas dispensing
  • Cylinder filling
  • Vaporizer feed
  • Bulk Transfer
    • Technical Specification
    Inlet 40mm/1.5"
    Outlet 25mm/ 1"
    Flow Rate 85 L/min
    Speed 50Hz/2880 RPM or 60Hz/3450RPM
    Power 380V/50Hz/3-phase 5.5KW
    Max Working Pressure 27.6 Bar/400PSI
    Differential Pressure 17.2 Bar/250PSI
    Temperature -32℃~+107℃

    • Scope of application

    LWB-150 LPG Turbine Pump is for high differential pressure application like aboveground & underground tank transfer etc. or direct-drive mounting with gear reducer for option.

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