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YB Model YB Series Rotary Vane Pump




  • Advantage
  • Durable pumps for fast and quiet operation.
  • Sliding vane design provides sustained performance and trouble freeoperation, high reliability.
  • Adjustable relief valve protects pump from excessive pressure.
  • T-type strainers are available to protect pumping system from damage caused by welding slag and other matter in the piping and tanks.
    • Application
  • Fuel oil delivery truck
  • Fleet refueling
  • Lube oil
  • Aviation refuelers
  • Transport of Petro Chemicals, gasoline, biofuels, solvents and many more.
    • Technical Specification
    Model Flow Rate 650RPM 600RPM 550RPM 500RPM 450RPM 400RPM
    YB-50 50mm/2" 300L/min(80G/min) 270L/min(70G/min) 240L/min(64G/min) 210L/min(56G/min) 180L/min(48G/min) 150L/min(40G/min)
    YB-65 65mm/2.5" 500L/min(132G/min) 465L/min(123G/min) 430L/min(114G/min) 390L/min(103G/min) 350L/min(93G/min) 310L/min(82G/min)
    YB-80 80mm/3" 1000L/min(265G/min) 920L/min(243G/min) 840L/min(222G/min) 760L/min(200G/min) 680L/min(180G/min) 600L/min(160G/min)
    YB-100 100mm/4" 1900L/min(505G/min) 1530L/min(405G/min)

    • Scope of application

    Automobile; Adhesives; Agriculture; Asphalt; Aviation Fuel; Animal Feed; Beverages; Cosmetics; Chemicals; Concrete; Dairy Products; Liquid Fertilizers; Food; General industry; hydrocarbon processing (refining); liquefied gas; lubricants; shipping; paints; petroleum; petroleum products; pharmaceuticals; printing inks; papermaking; solvents; railways; textiles;

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